About Us

Two Palms Host is named after the two palms in front of the beachside resort where we first decided to start our web hosting company.

We were frustrated with the lack of user friendly hosting providers that actually care about their users. We’ve experienced the frustrations of submitting support tickets to our web host and not getting a reply for days while we’ve had an issue with our web site that has kept it offline.

We’d also experienced the hosting bill shock of receiving a renewal invoice that was much higher than price that we’d paid when we first signed up, due to the bait and switch tactic of “introductory pricing” practiced by so many other web hosting companies.

So we took it upon ourselves to provide the service that we so badly felt was missing. We offer great value for money pricing plans, high performance servers and support from our exceptional customer support team who are based all around the world.

We look forward to serving you.